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Just want to get the word out I'll be signing at FORBIDDEN PLANET, LONDON on FRIDAY, MAY 18th at 6:00pm with SCOTT SNYDER and JOCK!!!

There will be plenty of copies of "Gates of Gotham" on hand and my first issue of BATWOMAN, #9, will be out as well!!!!

Really, Really looking forward to meet everyone and if I have enough beers in me I might get talked into some sketching too:)

But seriously I'm so, so excited to shake some hands and put names with faces so please if your in the area stop by:)

thanks and see you on the other side of the pond.
Sup guys!! So NYCC is on it's way!! I'll be there Oct 14-16, not sure about Thursday the 13th...

That's up to the UPS man! :)

Love to see you guys!! I know quite a few of you have asked about commissions and YES I will be taking them. I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to all of you with the request but please hit me up at NYCC.  I'll have prints of all the GATES OF GOTHAM covers plus some of the Blk/wht pages and a bit of free SWAG!!!!!!!!!!

OH, and some old NIGHTWING and BLINK pages form back in the day too :) For sale of course.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone, and by the looks of it, it's going to be a great show!!

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Not a huge schedule this year but I thought I'd give anyone who's attending SDCC this year a heads up:

I'll be doing signings for Gates of Gotham at the DC booth with the rest fo the the "Gates" team including Scott Synder and Kyle Higgins!!!!

Friday 12-1pm, and Saturday 2-3pm

Let me preface Friday by saying that my flight from NYC gets in at 11:30am so I'm going to be coming to the signing straight from the airport so I may not make the Friday signing on time, but both Scott and Kyle will be there :)

Saturday I'll be there for the full hr.

Looking forward to putting faces with avatars so drop by if you happen to be caught in madness that is SDCC!!!

Catch ya there!!!!!

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Issue 3 of Gates is DONE, wwwwwoooooohhhh  I have to say I'm so, so pleased with it!!  The team I'm working with on Gates of Gotham is just spectacular, and I count myself lucky to be able to collaborate with such wonderfully creative minds.  These last 4 months has had me doing some of the most intensive work I've done in years but it's such a reassuring feeling to know in my heart that I truly love what I'm doing again.  

I want to thank everyone who has been picking up Gates form the beginning, I have to say your going to love where this story goes!  I haven't felt like a comic book fan i long time and Kyle and Scott's story has me born again.  Being able to shape the history of Gotham city is really one of the greatest thrills anyone could have.  So often working on these pages I found myself thinking back to that 10 year old kid spending hrs, and hrs pouring through Batman, and Detective comics drawing every cool shot of Batman I could.  It's just been such a thrill, and I can't wait for you guys to see where this story ends up:)

I think at this point it should be cool to  post some concept stuff that I've done over the first 3 issues, I hope you guys dig it.

Gotta to get back to it, I've still got a cover and issue 5 now to finish.  

Thanks gang, and thanks for commenting!!

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I believe the formal announcements go out today but I'm extremely proud to tell everyone here that I'll be illustrating the new Batman mini-series Gates of Gotham, Which will be co scripted by Scott Snyder, and Kyle Higgins

Also, based on what you guys have been saying about my work I'm gonna start posting lots more sketches and doodles since I think there's far more finished work in my gallery than anything else.  I've always found sketches far more appealing than finished work but even at my age it takes a bit more courage for me to post that stuff for public view.  But I promise to get more of that stuff in here.

I can't thank all you Deviants enough for keeping up with my work, and all the awesome comments you guys leave.  I'm still pretty new to this thing and I'm digging it more every day.

I'll keep posting as long as you guys keep commenting.:headbang:

Thanks and keep truck'n,
Trevor :stupidme:
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Yup I leaked Nightrunner… Truthfully it was a completely innocent and accidental, though this page did get over 1000 hits on that day and for a page that had only been up about 2 weeks that’s a lot.  Of course my dumbass couldn’t figure out why.

Maybe it was because I inadvertently released to the public a character and back-story that at that time was completely confidential and under wraps.  Maybe it was because I was leaking the character design of the first new recruit into Batman Inc and the beginning of the first major Batman storyline transition since Bruce Wayne’s return to the cape and cowl.  

Nope, I was just so excited about the work I’d been doing and how much I wanted to show it off to the world none of that stuff even entered my mind. I’m not quite sure where my brain was, or what I was thinking but nonetheless it happened.

So I’m sure all you guys who saw or commented on those images have probably figured it by now, they shouldn't have been up there in the first place, and since they no longer appear here that maybe they were getting their eyes on something that no one had seen yet.

But that’s not why I’m writing this now. I guess this journal goes out to all those people who illegally swiped then reposted those images and pages I’d drawn on your various websites without DC’s permission or mine.  To all those wonderful, magnificent deviants I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Not for posting what was essentially illegally obtained images but because I think in the end you guys completely saved my ass! If it wasn’t for your enthusiastic anticipation of my work and this character’s story the aftermath of my stupidity would turned out very differently.  Really, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I was pleasantly surprised to discover what an awesome buzz you helped create around this character and my work and it was so surprising to see how interested, you the fans are in finding out more about this guy and his story, which I have to say is really cool!!  

So my heart felt thanks goes out to all of you, I hope both the story (which is brilliantly written by Kyle Higgins) and my art live up to your expectations.  For my two cents I think the character( who was created by David Hines) of Nightrunner has the most possibly for topical engaging stories than any other character that has graced the pages of any Batman book in a long while.  

His back-story of a French/Algerian Muslim growing up in the turbulent, tumultuous projects of the Clichy-sous-Bois, is something that is both topical and ripe for interesting commentary.  Between fighting both his environment and the government and establishment that helped created it Bilal’s/Nightrunner’s story could really push mainstream comics in to an area relatively untouched by many forms of media today. I’m very interested to see where they (DC) decide to take his story in the future

I hope everyone checks out both the Detective Comics Annual #12 hitting shelves on 12/8 and Batman Annual #28 on shelves 12/22 to read what I’m talking about.

Till my next act of daftness☺

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